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Banksia Menzii is a plant native to Australia with large flowers.
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Banksia Menzii Disque

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Banksias are wild plants from Australia.
Their sliced stem allows you to create pretty supports to put on for the Tillands.
Effect guaranteed in a potpourri.

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Banksia Menzii, a plant of the Proteaceae family:
Banksias are Australian wild plants that are also grown for their impressive flowers, often used in floral art.

They are part of the Proteaceae family, which also have very beautiful and large flowers.


Banksia Menzii, a beautiful flower for an exotic floral decoration:
Banksias flowers come in a wide variety of shapes and colours.

They are perfect to decorate dried floral arrangements.

We also use them a lot as an axis to create our Tillandsias hanging gardens or our mobiles. They can also be glued to frames or boards.

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