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Buddha Nut is a dried fruit used in floral art or in terrariums
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Buddha Nut or Buddha Nut

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Buddha Nut is a large dried fruit ideal for depositing Tillandsias.
It can also be placed in a terrarium where it serves as a shelter for reptiles.

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Buddha Nut

Buddha Nut, a dried fruit:
Buddha Nut is a large tropical Asian fruit:
The Pterygota Alata is a tree native to Tropical Asia and particularly India.

Its fluffy fruits become hard as wood as they dry.

Inside the Buddha nut, there are winged seeds that would have amazing properties and would be used as a substitute for opium. Do not order them by kilos, they are hollowed out;)


Buddha Nut, an exotic natural decoration:
Its volume offers many possibilities: they can be accumulated in a transparent vase, placed on a table, sculpted, placed in a terrarium....

You can put Tillandsias or cactus in it, hang them up or hang them up, in short, you can do almost anything you want with them.

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Buddha Nut

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