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The coconut leaves have an original boat shape for an exotic decoration
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Natural Coconut Leaf

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Coconut fins of about 30cms to create beautiful scenery. Their boat shape is perfect for depositing tillandsias.

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The coconut leaf:
The coconut leaf, a coconut spatula:
Coming from the coconut tree ( Cocos nucifera), this leaf is actually a spathe. This spathe grows at the base of the leaves; it is pointed and closed. It can grow up to 1 metre long and eventually "explodes" to let out the inflorescence which will then give rise to coconuts.

They have a beautiful light brown colour with a silky feel inside and dark brown with a rougher and rougher feel.

The Coconut Leaf, a boat shape for an exotic decoration:
Its appearance and size make it a versatile decorative element.

They are often used to make "lampshades", fruit baskets, jewellery, or are sometimes just hung on the wall.

We use them to stage the Tillandsias, the famous little landless plants. We create decorative supports and original hangers to place them on.


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