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Brighten up your home with bouquets of dried flowers!

Our dried flowers are from French production. Fresh at harvest time, they are then dried, upside down in the dark for a while. I use them to make eco-friendly decoration. These flowers do not require any maintenance, very easy for those who do not have a green thumb.

Vintage and dried flowers have been making a comeback for some time now, they can be found everywhere in hotel receptions, restaurants, offices, trendy shops...

Dried flowers are not synonymous with bland, colorless, lifeless, etc. Drying techniques make it possible to keep the liveliness of each colour giving life to your compositions.

Dried flowers are a real asset for people who love flowers but don't succeed, they embellish your interior with their beautiful natural colours, just waiting to be admired.

Go on holiday without worrying about them, you will find them intact when you return ;)

Decoration ideas and nature gift ideas with dried flowers.

Dried flowers will find their place as well in a soliflore as in a wicker basket or a watering can. The most creative ones will start making a frame, a wreath, a garland, etc.

Dried flowers add value to space and containers.

The decoration of dried flowers harmonizes with each interior; they are the touch of elegance that goes with all styles: modern, vintage...

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Bouquet of dried flowers grown in France
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