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Elephant ears, very beautiful dried exotic fruit that can be used as a support for tillandsias.
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Double Elephant Ear

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Beautiful seed pod that has the shape of an elephant's ear when it loses its seeds

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Eléphant's Ear

Double elephant ears:
Exotic fruit that dries to the shape of elephant ears.
The aspidosperma, from which there are several varieties with slightly different ear shapes, is an exotic tree that grows in South America.

Its fruit, a shell closed on seeds, each attached to a leaf that looks like a sheet of spherical brick. To let them fly away, the hull opens at about 180°, revealing the silhouette of 2 elephant ears.


Elephant ears in floral art:
The large diameter of this pod (about 20 cm) can be used as a base for large Tillandsias such as tillandsia straminea or tillandsia xerographica for example. It is also possible to place several medium-sized tillandsias to make a small hanging garden.

This dried fruit can be used to enhance a bouquet of flowers but also be used in natural hobbies with children by personifying these seeds in animal form.

It also has its effect glued to other seeds to make a centerpiece or a suspension.


Botany: Aspidosperma (Macrocarpon, Quebracho blanco...) | Size: about 20cm | Origin: South America

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Eléphant's Ear

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