» » » Hazelwood Bracelet | Yellow Aventurine | Hématite | Model 21
health jewel in natural hazelnut wood, yellow aventurine and hematite 18cm
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Hazelwood Bracelet | Yellow Aventurine | Hématite | Model 21

Reference - $BNAJHM2-18*BN-Av/J-m21
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An elegant hazelwood wellness bracelet to wear in all circumstances.
Native American remedy.


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Yellow Aventurine
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Hazelwood and aventurine yellow bracelet and hématite.


Hazelwood bracelet with  yellow aventurine and hématite.
Very elegant!

How and why wear a hazel jewelery?


Service Plus, Zen package:

Zen package allows you to re-do your hazel jewelery (when it is saturated) keeping your stones but changing hazel, wire and tie or necessary. You leave and with a brand new jewel cheaply.

Learn more about the "Zen" package simple bracelets.

The products you receive may be different in color, given that the color rendering of goods taken by a camera and transmitted over the web is not always true.
We also carry your attention to the fact that according to the size of the jewelry you choose, the number of pieces of hazel or pearls and their layout may differ from the photo.

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