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The landlotus comes from the sterculia urens that produces Karaya gum
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Landlotus Petal

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The chocolate brown Landlotus has a velvety appearance. It is the cradle of a small tillandsia like the Ionantha.

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Lotus petal

The Landlotus:

Landlotus is a petal of the sterculia urens that produces Karaya gum:
Sterculia Urens is a tree native to India and Sri Lanka with white bark, which is why it is called ghost wood. Its 5-petalled flowers produce red and hairy fruits. Over time, the "hairs" disappear to leave a velvety appearance to the fruit. As they dry, they turn a chocolate brown colour.
Karaya gum is obtained from this tree. It is the axsudat of the trunk and branches. It is used in the food industry under the acronym E416. It has a strong hydrophilic power absorbing up to 100 times its weight, it gives an impression of satiety, which is why it is used in diets.

Landlotus, an exotic petal with a velvety appearance:
The dried landlotus petal measures about 4 to 5 cm, it can be used as a cradle for your small tillandsias such as ionanthas, fuchiis, kolbiis or argenteas. The lightness of this sheet allows you to hang it by hanging it on a driftwood for example. It is also widely used in pot pourris.

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Lotus petal

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