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The Mahogani flower gives a touch of originality in a potpourri
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Mahogany Flower

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The Mahogani flower is a fruit that has the shape of a wooden flower.

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Mahogany Flower

The Mahogani flower:
The Mahogany Flower is like a wooden flower:
Entandrophragma cylindricum (family Meliaceae) grows in the Congo Basin, it is mainly exploited for its wood and is widely used in carpentry and parquetry.

Its fruit, in the shape of a ball, opens like wooden flowers.


The Mahogany Flower, very exotic and decorative:
Fragile wooden flowers, they are beautiful in a transparent vase or in the middle of the table. It enhances a potpourri with a touch of originality.

We use them to enhance the suspensions we make for the Tillandsias.

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Mahogany Flower

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