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Pregnancy Bola or maternity jewellery to soothe the baby
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Silver Pregnancy Bola M10

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The Bola is a piece of pregnancy jewellery with soothing properties.
As soon as the baby hears the soft music made by the bola with each movement of the mother, it reacts by moving or relaxing.

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Pregnancy Bola or Maternity Jewel

It is a piece of jewellery usually given to a mother-to-be by her relatives.

This jewel is a traditional Indonesian and Mexican jewel. It is made of balls that clink together to produce a light and soft tinkling sound like a bell, creating a unique understanding between mother and baby. The baby learns to recognise it from the 4th month in the womb and reacts every time he hears it.
As soon as the baby hears the soft melody, it reassures and calms him. He reacts by moving or relaxing during the nine months of pregnancy. When the baby is born, it will recognise the familiar sound of the bola as it was used to hearing it in its mother's womb.

Composition :

Silver Pregnancy Bola

Smooth 22mm pendant (lead and cadmium free), silver plated steel on copper.
Adjustable chain from 80 to 88cm in silver stainless steel.
One Charm : black foot
One charme : a child
One Charm : Turquoise pompon


The benefits of the Bola :

The tinkling of the bola is produced by the micro beads inside a copper sphere. It is a delicate and light sound that sounds like a harmonious tinkle.  The baby recognises this sound around the 4th month in the womb.
The Bola helps to gradually build a bond between the baby and the mother. It is soothing for the baby who feels positive vibrations that soothe him.

The benefits of the Bola AFTER birth:

After birth, the Bola continues to have an effect on the baby who, being used to this harmonious musicality, becomes calmer when he recognises its tinkling.
Thus, at birth and over the months, you can soothe and distract your baby with the bola at diaper change time.


 WARNING: Precautions for use

It is not advisable to leave the baby alone with the bola or to sew it on his blanket (risk of swallowing it and choking).
The Bola is a piece of jewellery for Mum to enjoy with her baby before and after birth.

Maintenance tip:

- Do not put the jewel in prolonged contact with water or any aggressive products
- Avoid spraying your perfume on the bola
- Avoid contact with cosmetics in general.
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