Review of Julien T on Tillandsia Caput Medusae Airplant

Tillandsia Caput Medusae Airplant XL in bud is a rootless plant that will make you revere the shape of the plant. Tillandsia Caput Medusae Airplant



Ideal for beginners.
Popular species, undemanding, very resistant. In the shape of a bulb, it is best grown upside down. She is a myrmecophile: she lives in association with ants.
It has a very original graphic and animal form that brightens a composition.



Size S : about 11 - 13 cm.
Size M : about 14 - 16 cm.
Size L: about 17 - 20 cm.

Size L: about 21 - 23 cm.
Size XXL : over 23 cm.



Bract is red, especially near the flowers.
The flowers are very intense purple.



Tillandsia Albertiana grows in Argentina.



It hangs on trees from 40 to 2400 m altitude. She is a myrmecophile (she lives in association with ants).



In suspension, it can be simply removed or fixed in a sunny or shady place, it can withstand drought.
If you have the possibility, she will appreciate being put outdoors in the spring, sheltered from the rain and the midday sun.

In the Mediterranean regions, it can be grown outdoors all year round.




Photos are not contractual due to the variable aspect of nature. Plants are photographed with the flower to give you an idea of the flower it produces .



- Review added the Thursday 11 April 2019by Julien T

Great service. The plant was delivered fast and the instructions are very clear!