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Beautiful natural seed pod for tillandsias and thus create a natural decoration
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Sapacuja or Sapucaia Bell

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The sapucaja bell will serve you in suspension to present your tillandsias, its chocolate brown color will bring out the different greens of your plants

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Sapucaja bell

The sapucaja bell is a tropical coconut from the Amazon. Once fallen from the tree, it is used as a cockpit for lizards and when it fills with water, it serves as a natural basin for small animals, the bell not exceeding 6cms in diameter.


The Sapucaia Bell in general:

It is the fruit of Lecythis Ollaria, native to Brazil, commonly known as "monkey pot".

Fruits are large bells with very large seeds inside.

As it dries, the peel of the fruit becomes extremely rigid and brown.


Sapucaia's bell in decoration:

Its bell shape allows it to be used as a pot cover for plants, for example.

Placed on a table, it gives a touch of originality and a travel scent.

For smaller bells, accumulation in a transparent vase is always very popular.

The variety of sizes allows them to be used as supports to be placed or suspended for Tillandsias.





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Sapucaja bell

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