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Tillandsia epiphyte Kammii  M fluffy
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Tillandsia Kammii

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Tillandsia Kammii


Air Plant Tillandsia Kammii


Special features of the plant :

Its very soft and hairy leaves make it very enjoyable.

Like all Tillandsia epiphytes, it saw no land and can be easily hang clumps anywhere in the house and even outside in the summer.

Tillandsia  Kammii Size :

Size  S : about 5 cm.

Size M : about 6 - 7 cm.

Size  L : about 8 - 9 cm.


Flowers of Kammii :

The bract is very short and bright pink.
The flowers are purple very intense.


Distribution of Tillandsia :

Tillandsia Kammii grows in Honduras.


Habitat of the plant :

It clings to trees from 500 to 1200 m altitude.



Cultural methods of Tillandsia :

Suspended, simply remove it or secure it in a partially shaded location.
If you have the opportunity, it will appreciate being put out (protected from rain and midday sun) in the spring.
In the Mediterranean regions, it can be grown outside all year.

Pictures are not contractual considering variable aspect of nature. Plants are photographed with the flower to give you an idea of ​​the flower it produces but you will have a plant in bloom if you choose this option from the dropdown menu.
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Care of Tillandsia


We advise you to read the care instructions HERE because the advice is to adapt to your environment.

A technical maintenance you explaining each plant has crept into your package.



Température :


As a precaution, if they are outside, tucked-before the first frost.

Exposure :

It needs a part shady environment.
It can withstand full sun provided to expose it very gradually and provided that it is not a "hot sun". Prefer expose in full sun in the spring or fall and summer.

Watering of Tillandsia :

Indoor :

In summer, spray 1 times a week. If there are very strong heat, spray 2 times a week.
In winter, spray every 15 days.
Outdoor :
Needless to vaporize, except in the summer dry period (spray and indoors).
Use minéral water.
Fertilizer :
Fertilization is not necessary. If you want it, you can put the orchid fertilizer 1 time per month in the summer. Avoid fertilizer winter. Dilute the fertilizer orchid in the irrigation water as directed on the bottle.

Ventilation of Tillandsia :


Generally, the Tillandsias need to be sufficiently ventilated to be dry before the night.


The Tillandsia Albertiana requires modest ventilation.




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Deco ideas | Gift Ideas



Like all epiphytes, it lives landless, the decorating possibilities are endless.

We can put them in hanging gardens, set on a green wall or plant part, or deposit them in Japanese gardens or shells for example for a zen décor.

As air plant are rootless, was all the time in the file where you want to fix them in fishing nets on frames, vines or on driftwood.

The different varieties are used to decorate the whole house: the living but also the bathrooms for varieties magnet much moisture.

Some use them to decorate terrariums and vivariums because they are not toxic for humans or animals.

We also have many requests for decorating hotels, restaurants, guest rooms, lounges wellness but also receptions, galas and weddings.

You will find on crea-land.com exotic pods and seeds from the forest or mobile to create magical scenery.

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