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Hanging garden, its buddha nut and its 4 tillandsias without soil or roots: the girls of the air.
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Hanging Garden Buddha Nut

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Sober suspension with 4 Tillandsias plants in a Buddha nut that will give a Zen look to your room.

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Once per moderate watering
light show
SUNLIGHT (not scorching)
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Hanging garden Buddha Nut

This hanging garden is composed of dried exotic pods and Tillandsias. It gives a hint of purity to your interior.



The hanging garden is planted with Tillandsias with low watering, i.e. once a month in winter and every 10 to 15 days in summer. You will find more details on the maintenance of the Tillandsias on this link or on the personal data sheets of each Tillandsia.

Exotic pods and pods from the Buddha Nut hanging garden

This hanging garden is composed of pods, pods and dried exotic fruits :

  • A pod of Buddha Nut

Depending on availability, we may need to make changes of the same value while, of course, taking care to maintain the harmony and spirit of the hanging garden.



Tillandsias of the Buddha hanging garden

This hanging garden is composed of tropical plants, the Tillandsias :

  • A Tillandsia Juncifolia
    A Tillandsia Tricolor
    A Tillandsia Ionantha
    A Tillandsia Brachycaulos

Depending on availability, we may have to make changes of the same value, while of course taking care to marry plants of the same maintenance.



Gift and decoration ideas

The Buddha hanging garden is made up of light-loving Tillandsias, a good decoration idea for a Zen interior.

Gift idea: hanging garden to offer for a party or a birthday.


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