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Badam, a bright red fruit on the tree, rigid and brown when it dries.
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Natural Badam

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Badam is a fruit from Tropical Asia and Oceania.
As it dries, it leaves a rigid shell in the shape of a heart, enough to put a little love in your decoration...
Measures between 8 and 12 cms

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La Badam:
Badam is the fruit of Sterculia Foetida, Sterculier Fétide.
As its name suggests, it gives small, smelly flowers, which gives it many nicknames that are not always charming. The bright red fruits grow in clusters, inside, the grey seeds develop.

As they dry, the fruits become very stiff and brown. Most of them have a heart shape.


The Badam, perfect for an exotic decoration:
Its more or less open shape makes it ideal for supporting small plants such as tillandsias.

In a vase, a few copies of Badam make your interior travel.

In suspension, in composition, in frame, etc., they will delight you and give a natural and exotic touch to a wedding or reception for example.


Dried Badam pepper from India, perfect for your exotic decoration

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