Trombeta: dried exotic fruit in the shape of a trumpet.
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Beautiful jar-shaped seed pod, chocolate color that can be used as a support for bulbous tillandsias.

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Trombeta Hitch

This exotic fruit has a trumpet shape.
This fruit measures between 3 and 6 cm (sometimes more) in length and leaves a hollow once the seeds are expelled, hence the shape of a trumpet.




The trombeta in exotic decoration:
This slender shape allows it to be used vertically and gives its small effect in accumulation.

Its narrow opening allows long stem tillandsias such as tillandsia funckiana or tillandsia caerulea to slide in.

In a potpourri, this fruit brings an exotic touch and a perfume from elsewhere.

It can be used in combination with other seeds to create table decorations or centerpieces for a reception or wedding.

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Trombeta Hitch

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