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The simple pod of the flamboyant gives an exotic touch to any decoration
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Flamboyant Single Pod PM

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The flamboyant is a tree that produces long and beautiful beans. The single pod shows the location of the seeds. Very typical decoration.

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The Flamboyant is a tree native to Madagascar:
Delonix Regia, originating from Madagascar, owes its common name, Flambloyant to its flowering. It has a sumptuous fire red colour at this time of year. It is also widespread in the Caribbean and in most tropical countries.

Its fruits are long beans that are more or less rigid depending on their size. Here it is a single pod, i.e. one of the two pods that make up the bean. You can also see the footprints of each seed. It is about 25 cm long.


The Flamboyant, a bean for an exotic decoration:
It is often seen in bouquets and floral arrangements.

Lovers of natural decoration make them into relief frames or frames.

We use them to make supports and mobiles to receive the famous rootless Tillandsias.

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